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MY PASSION for photography………

It all started at the age of 8 when a eastern european boy of a similar age stayed during the summer of 1976. Bringing with him his Russian camera enclosed in a bakalite case and we aimlessly photograph all subject matter around the farm. Photography was in the blood, my grandmother and my mother both keen photographers in the 1920′s. My father,uncle and aunt were also all excellent painters, so instinctively I was destined to continue the trend.

Having worked for the past 20 years in the travel industry as a freelance photographer working for some of the worlds largest tour operators to some of the smallest and most specialized photographing hotels, villas, chalets and lifestyle associated with travel. Arriving and living in Chamonix since 1986 my work has enabled me to ski virtually all ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Action ski photography with fashion for distinguished brands such as Salomon, Fischer, Dynastar, Stockl, Killy, Killy Sport and Nevica has enabled me to richen my skill for my passion.

From those earlier years where Fuji Velvia film was the absolute benchmark in print & publication for the travel industry to the complexity we see the digital revolution has had upon photography today. Photography has once grown-up again, as it did from B&W to color. However, what ever kind of technological format that rocket scientist’s develop for us, first and foremost photography is about about seeing the light and composition.